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  • voice talent, ISDN/recording studio
  • audio production services

Male Voices

Female Voices

    Ed Autry
  • Voiceovers for Radio and TV Commercials
  • Formerly with Armed Forces Radio
  • Narration and Documentaries
  • Character Voices
  • MP3, Wave, or AIFF files
    Rick Blade
  • Tampa Voice Talent(can also duo with wife)
  • Medium Low Range, Compelling
  • Radio and TV Commercials, Radio Imaging
  • Documentaries, Audio books, Movie Trailers
  • Character Voices
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    Paul Boucher
  • Bilingual Voice actor (American Standard, Canadian French)
  • Calm confident authority, believable, storyteller
  • Best at medium and medium soft sell
  • Calgary, Canada
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    Wes Cunningham
  • Announcer, Narrator
  • Medium Low Range
  • Medium - Hard Sell
  • High Energy, High Spirit

    D.C. Douglas
  • Hollywood Voiceover Talent
  • Phone patch, ISDN, MP3, WAV, CD
  • Commercial, Narration, Political, Auto
  • PayPal, Credit Cards, Checks accepted
  • 24 hours or less!
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    Wayne June
  • Audio Production & Voice Services
  • AudioBook Narration
  • Corporate/Industrial Narration
  • Commercial Voiceover for Radio, TV & All Media Requiring Specialized Voice Talent
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    Armando Plata
  • Announcer, Narrator
  • Medium Range
  • Any Delivery - Hard, Medium or Soft Sell
  • Character Voices
  • Specializing in Spanish language delivery
  • Atlanta area

    Chris Scott
  • Announcer, Narrator
  • Medium Range
  • Genuine Aussie delivery
  • Tasmania, southern Australia

    Dennis St. John
  • Announcer, Narrator
  • Medium Range
  • Any Delivery - Hard, Medium or Soft Sell
  • Voice of Authority or Friendly Advisor
  • Character Voices
  • Kansas City area

    Jeff Straub
  • Imaging, Audio Production
  • Medium to Movie Trailer Low
  • Any Delivery - Hard, Medium or Soft Sell
  • From smooth jazz light to totally in your face deliveries
  • Austin, Texas USA
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    Stu Tarlowe
  • Mid-Low Range, Resonant and Distinctive
  • Accents, Dialects and Characters
  • Confident and Charming Pitchman
  • Creative Marketing, Copy Writing
  • Kansas City
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    Matt Wiewel
  • Commercial, Narration, Promo, eLearning, Telephony
  • Youthful, Friendly, Credible, and Energetic voice
  • Clients around the globe like AT&T, Callaway Golf, and Bayer
  • Home Studio with ISDN, Skype, and phone-patch
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    Caryn Clark
  • The Hip Chick Voice!
  • own ISDN studio
  • Pro talent - heard nationally around the country
  • Tween to teen to mom
  • hip-edgy-sexy-heartfelt-sincere
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    Andrea Ernst
  • Commercials, Narratives, Promos
  • Convincing "listenable" voice with versatility
  • Warm and Friendly
  • Professional and authoritative
  • Sparkling and animated
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    Rosor Foret
  • Middle range voice, completely versatile
  • Full range of ages
  • Warm for narrations, Sexy, deep and fun for commercials, Smooth and professional for presentations
  • Spanish-Castillian and Catalan (native)
  • English and French (non-native)
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    Katherine Friesen
  • Narrator, Announcer
  • Medium range
  • Warm and Friendly to Professional and Authoritative
  • Soft - medium hard sell
  • Western Canada

    Debbie Grattan
  • Mid range
  • Versatile Voice Actor
  • Specialty in Complicated Narrative
  • Character Voices and Dialects
  • Believable, Conversational Delivery
  • Los Angeles Area
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    Melanie Haynes
  • Announcer, Narrator, Voice Actress, Corporate and Commercial
  • Smooth, Full, & Rich to Perky, Bright, & Exciting
  • Professional, Warm & Friendly, Sexy, Real Person, Character, Very Versatile
  • MP3/Wave/AIFF/ISDN, CD Overnight, Phone Patch
  • Fast turnaround, delivery in all formats
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    Mona Lisa
  • Tampa Voice Talent(can also duo with husband)
  • Medium Range, Sincere, Engaging
  • Radio and TV Commercials, Radio Imaging
  • Audio books, Documentaries, Telephony
  • Character Voices
    Click for Quick Sample

    Diane Merritt
  • Neutral Accent - Sultry, Upbeat, Professional to everyone's Mom
  • Commercials, IVR, Narrations, Tutorials and more
  • Caring - straight from the heart to fast paced car sales
  • Young Adult, Middle Age, Elderly
  • Same Day Turn Around
    Click for Quick Sample

    Lisa Oki
  • Announcer, Narrator
  • Medium Range
  • Friendly and warm, Provocative and Alluring, Compassionate and Caring, or Informative and Professional
  • Ontario

    Margi Posten
  • Polished Pro
  • Exceptionally Versatile
  • "Hallmark" Friendly, or Downright Sexy
  • Kansas City / Los Angeles

    Barb Quinn
  • Announcer, Narrator
  • Medium Range
  • Soft - Medium Sell
  • Elegant and professional
  • Midwest US

    Charlee Redman
  • From soft & sexy to hard & edgy - and everything in between ...
  • Commercials, narratives, IVR, voicetracking, you-name-it.
  • Superb imaging and promo work.
  • Available anywhere, anytime.
  • Amazingly fun to have around!
    Click for Quick Sample

    Allison Smith
  • Voice Actor, Narrator
  • Medium Range
  • Any Delivery
  • Characters
  • Western Canada

    Edie Tusor
  • Announcer or conversationalist
  • Youthful sound, mature delivery
  • Commercial, corporate, educational
  • Narration of complex technical scripts
  • Western Canada - ISDN
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