Art Hadley

voice artist and audio production

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Full range voiceover demo


Telephone Prompts

Other Commercials

  • Phone patch or Skype
  • Quick .wav or .aif file delivery, uncompressed
  • Full audio production capability
  • No studio fees (ISDN studio available at very reasonable cost)

Your script, recorded and delivered

- By using my own home studio, I save you studio fees. You can monitor or direct the session via telephone patch or Skype (with or without video). I'll move the .wav (or .aiff, .mp3, etc.) file to a download folder on my web site and you can have it within minutes.

Raw, Polished, Synced or Produced

I can record and send you the same file you'd get via ISDN (only uncompressed), raw and unedited. Or, I can go over it and adjust levels and word and phrase spacing, and carefully scrub out unwanted artifacts (like studio movement noises, mouth noises, etc.). Send me a link to your video and I'll record a synced voice track. Or, if you need a finished product with processing, SFX and music, I can have it same day (usually).

Spot Distribution

Need a radio spot produced and sent to a dozen stations? I'll send you a quality MP3 for approval, and upload the master to my site for distribution. I'll set up a web page and you send the address to your radio stations; they can pick up the spot at their convenience.

Contact information:

Represented by Tag Talent in Beverly Hills


Represented by Tag Talent in Austin


Represented by Talent Unlimited in Kansas City


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May 23, 2016