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Hawaiian Music Videos

Hawaiian Rainbow VHS: From 1987, one of the best films ever made about Hawaiian music.

Hawaii Songs of Aloha: From PBS. Beautiful production, wonderful spoken introduction to Hawaiian music, hula, chant and lots of songs.

Island Music, Island Hearts: This is Iz's story, told in the great series on Hawaiian music from local TV. Great performance footage.

Hot Hawaiian Nights: Live performances by IZ taped in 1993 and 1995. With Roland Cazimero, Mel Amina, Analu Aina, Gaylord Holomalia, Mike Muldoon.

Iz: The Man Behind The Music: The story of Iz's life, including video of Iz performing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."

The Brothers Cazimero, May Day Concert: 25th Annual May Day concert filmed on May 1, 2002. Music and hula.

The Brothers Cazimero, Live in Japan: VHS video, released 2002.

The Brothers Cazimero, Hawaii: VHS video, released 1995.

Keola Beamer, The Art of Slack Key Guitar: Introduction to playing slack key guitar, from the master, one of the best guitar players ever.

Keola Beamer, Ki Ho'alo; Loosen the Key: Award-winning performance film. Includes appearances by Willie Nelson, George Winston, Ozzie Kotani, Ledward Ka'apana, Willie K, Cindy Combs, Moanalani and Nona Beamer.

John Keawe, Music With The Island Touch: Elegant guitar performance from another slack key master.

3D Hawai'i, Slack Key Guitar: The players range from guitar legends such as Ray Kane to students just beginning this unique style of guitar-playing.

Kapono Beamer, Tides, Vol. 2: Hawaiian Rhythms: Soft Hawaiian rhythms combine with the beautiful images of a tropical Hawaiian paradise.

History of the Sons Of Hawai'i: Classic live performances, featuring Eddie Kamae.

A Musical Postcard

The Brothers Cazimero

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The Brothers Cazimero, A Musical Postcard: 1990 film featuring the Brothers Caz doing their most popular songs, with beautiful Hawaiian cinematography. DVD

Live at Kapono's

Cecelio and Kapono

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Cecelio and Kapono, Live at Kapono's: In the summer of 2003, fans packed Kapono's at the Aloha Tower Marketplace for two sold out concerts by Cecilio & Kapono...their 30th anniversary celebration. DVD

Overdrive Live, Volume 1

Various Artists

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Various Artists, Overdrive Live Volume 1: Hawai`i's #1 island music video TV show presents the DVD release of OverDrive Live Volume One. This concert video features some of Hawai`i's most popular contemporary musicians. DVD

Play Loud Ukulele

Jake Shimabukuro

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Jake Shimabukuro, Play Loud Ukulele: Maybe the best ukulele player ever, Jake wows the crowd with his dead-on impressions of Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana, as well as his magnificent traditional ukulele playing. Now, take lessons from the master. DVD

Ukulele For Fun

Uncle Charlie Nee

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Uncle Charlie, Ukulele For Fun: Learn to play this beautiful Hawaiian four-string musical instrument in short and easy steps. DVD

Family & Friends

Gabby Pahinui

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Gabby Pahinui, Family and Friends: In 1979, Gabby Pahinui assembled a group of family and friends for a day of music and fun at his home in Waimanalo -- captured here on film. VHS

Hawaiian Scenery Videos

Dreams of Hawai'i: Spectacular scenery, and soft music. VHS

Legendary Lighthouses II, Hawai'i: Historical lighthouses of the islands. VHS

Hidden Hawai'i: The same movie you saw in the Imax in Waikiki, only the screen may be smaller. VHS

Hidden Hawai'i: On DVD.

Hawai'i On Foot: Most of the most beautiful spots on the islands can only be reached on foot; plan your hikes with this video. VHS

Blue Hawai'i: It's got Elvis, it's got Hawaiian scenery, it's cheap; what more could you want? DVD

The Volcanoes of Hawai'i: Some of the most dramatic volcano footage ever shot. VHS

On Location; Hawai'i, the Big Island: Some serious scenery, this (expensive) DVD is intended for professional use, filled with top-quality stock footage of beautiful Hawaiian scenery.

Hawaiian Dreams; Waves: Total zen relaxation; no fast video cuts here. Just long stretches from a camera mounted on the beach, ocean sounds, waves, breezes and birds. No music, no interruptions. DVD

Video Cycle, Hawai'i: Load this VHS tape in the deck, put the TV in front of your exercycle, and bicycle around Hawai'i in your basement!

Hawaiian Culture Videos

All In The 'Ohana: Comedian Andy Bumatai tells stories of growing up in Hawai'i. VHS

Hawaii's Exotic Flowers: Learn to work with the tropical flowers of Hawai'i. VHS

Rap's Hawai'i: Comedian Rap Replinger delivers his hilarious take on island life. VHS

Let's Hula; Beginner's Series Volume 1: If you want to learn hula, this sounds like a good place to start. VHS

Hawai'i: The movie made from James Michener's magnificent book. Stars Max Von Sydow and Julie Andrews. It's fiction, but a great telling of the history of the people of Hawai'i. VHS

Growing Up In Hawaii 1950s-1960s: A nostalgic look at one boy's life growing up in Hawaii. Rare original color footage.

Kumu Hula, Keepers of the Culture: The story of hula in Hawai'i over the years. DVD

How to Hula: Learn 3 songs; "Hukilau", "Keep Your Eyes on the Hands" and "Hawaiian Wedding Song". Plus a bonus section which teaches 7 basic steps and over 30 hand motions. 60 minute DVD, English and Japanese with English subtitles.

Be a Hula Girl: This is an instructional show for kids, and kids love it, but it is also a good beginning lesson for adults. DVD

Hawaiian Lua: Learn this island brand of empty-hand self defense from Master Kailewalu. VHS

Tour Guide Videos

Globe Trekker Hawai'i: 2002 release, VHS.

Hawai'i: The Globe Trekker video on DVD.

Hawai'i: AAA's guide to visiting Hawai'i. VHS

Cruise Hawai'i and Tahiti: No cruise information is provided, but beautiful scenery and local history help you prepare for that Pacific cruise, or remember it. DVD

Hawai'i Golf Tips: Learn about the courses before you come to visit. DVD

Ocean Videos

Nature, The Living Sea: One of the most popular Imax movies ever. VHS

Hawai'i Underwater: Surrounded by four thousand miles of Pacific Ocean in all directions, Hawaii's most incredible sites are below the surface. DVD

Hawaii's Humpbacks: The lives of whales, digital stereo sound, English and Japanese with English subtitles. DVD

Coral Reef Adventure: Wow! This 2 DVD set gives you the Imax film on one disc for your TV, and the second disc contains the movie in HD, both 780p and 1080i, which you can watch on your PC!

Spiritual Earth; Aloha Waves: Astonishing footage, shot from inside and outside the water brings you closer to understanding the ocean and the waves. DVD

Surfing Videos

Shaping 101 with John Carper: Prolific Hawaiin foam carver John Carper provides knowledgeable humorous narration as he goes step by step through the process of turning a rough blank into a refined foil. VHS

Glassing 101 with John Carper: Put together with the same quality that made Shaping 101 so engaging , Glassing 101 shows you how to get that shaped blank into the water. VHS

Xotic Xtreme: Wavebreakers - Hawaii: Wild footage with the greatest surfers in the world, including tow-in surfing on 90 foot waves! DVD

Hawaiian Watermen: Spectacular surfing footage, big waves, tow-in, all in slow motion! VHS

March 14, 2005