A Voice That Cuts Through the Noise

Stu Tarlowe brings a unique background to his voiceover work. Resonant, distinctive and convincing, Stu works in English and Spanish. Not just another announcer, Stu's many years of voice and media work have been influenced by over twenty five years as a Boardwalk Pitchman, selling anything from Ginsu knives to ShamWows. Listen to his demo, and you'll find that Stu is a charmer, not a shouter.

Stu's marketing and media background includes creation of highly polished campaigns and elements; a true "wordsmith" who can create, re-write and "tweak" commercial copy to make it the best it can be.

Accents include German, Russian, Latino, Italian, Native American, Yiddish, Dixie, and authentic N'Yawk and Brooklyn. Stu is in the Kansas City area, and is generally available on short notice.

All this, and a singer too!

Send email to Stu at stuarttarlowe@gmail.com
or call 913.980.4319

Stu Tarlowe
Voice Demo

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